Creating a Fab Wedding Website

Have you ever been to someone’s wedding site and found some pages not completed or not very many pictures, or some information is not up to date? It is easy to start one and not really finish it in all the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, but it is an important tool for your guests.

Follow these steps to make sure you have the BEST wedding website ever that people will complement and even return to!


Have Lots of Various Pictures

Everybody loves pictures. However, it might get boring to look at an album where all your pictures are in the same pose. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones you took yourself!

(Yes, that is me! lol)

You want variety, especially ones that show where you are at, or candid shots of the two of you. Also, include some fun pictures that maybe only have him or only you in it.

Keep it Current

If a date, time, place, etc. changes in your planning, change it on your site. It is a no brainer but it is so easy to forget to update your site in all the planning craziness.

Share Your Story in First Person

People always ask so go ahead and tell that story of how you met, how you fell in love and how he proposed. My best tip for sharing your story is to write it in 1st person, or from your own perspective.


Jane and Billy met at the Cool Restaurant, fell in love and are now engaged. – 3rd person


I first met Billy at the Cool Restaurant, fell in love and am now engaged. – 1st person (Do this one!)

I have to say if you and your fiance switch off telling the stories from your own perspectives it feels more personal and fun. For example he can tell the how we met story, you can tell the falling in love story, and maybe you both can share your versions of the engagement story. Your guests will love it!

Introduce the Bridal Party

You can list your friends names but no one cares. Go ahead and share the connection and reason why that person is your bridesmaid or his groomsman. It will have more meaning and make the guests feel that much closer to you.

Share Your Registry Links

People want to know where you are registered. Put your website link on your save-the-dates, or on an insert in your invitations.

Have a Guestbook

People love to leave their well wishes and congrats to you. This also is a place for those who can’t make it to your wedding to comment because that check on the RSVP card just feels so distant.

Have a Blog

This one is my favorites because I love blogs. Your friends and family who want to know what is going on can go to your blog and check on wedding updates and what you are thinking. Post pictures from your vendor and site visits, and your dress shopping (though not your actual pick if you don’t want the groom to see it!)

Anything that can make your friends and family feel a part of the process. Ask questions, ask for your guests’ advice on something, and post your blog entry links on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that people will check it out. If the blog is not already a part of the website, make sure to link to wherever your blog is.

And there you have it, the keys to having the best wedding website ever! You only get to do it once, so now go get to making it and sharing it!

Already built your wedding website? Go ahead and share a link to it, I’d love to see it!