Diamond Rings And Wedding Bands Shopping

diamond engagement rings
When you are out shopping for diamond wedding bands, sometimes the prices can be overwhelming. It seems that even the simple, plain bands are so expensive. So, how do you save money on your wedding bands and still get the bands that will make both of you happy?

Well, here are some ideas to help you find great wedding bands and still save money:

1.Watch the papers. Get your local papers and watch for sales at jewelry stores around town. Most stores will have big sales after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, since these two holidays are usually when people purchase the most jewelry. After these major holidays, these stores are trying to move out the jewelry that they have to make room for the next batch of styles that are on their way.

2.Check the net. There are so many different discount stores online where you can find closeout prices on wedding bands that will help you to find the perfect bands without breaking the bank. Make sure that you do search a little before you go ahead and order from the first site that you visit. By checking out the deals on several sites before you buy, you will be sure to find the best price.

3.Stroll through the department store’s jewelry sections. While you know that most major department stores have a jewelry section, you probably don’t take the time to stop and look often. Usually, department jewelry stores have a great selection of wedding bands, but they don’t always advertise them, since this is not their top selling items when it comes to jewelry. But, you will be surprised at how many great discounted wedding bands you can find when you just take the time to stroll through their jewelry section.

4.Small, individually owned jewelry stores. These smaller stores have to discount their prices to keep up with the large, chain stores, the Internet, and other competition that is out there today. So, look around and decide on the design that you want, then head over to some of the individual stores and see what they have to offer. Sometimes, with the individual stores, you can haggle with them a bit or make a deal with them if you purchase the engagement ring here as well.

5.Consignment shops. While this might not be what you think about when you are looking for wedding bands, you will be surprised at the selection that some consignment and pawn shops will have available to choose from. These shops will have a wide selection of wedding bands from the smallest to the most extravagant, at lower prices than you will find at the larger retail stores. So, when all else fails, you can always check out a few of these stores in your area to see what they have.

6. Do not overpay for diamond specifications you cannot see with the naked eyes. The range of diamond prices can be dramatic depending on the size and quality. For example, a half carat brilliant cut round diamond of K color and I1 clarity would cost about $2000 per caret or $1000. But a D color and IF clarity diamond of the same size could cost over $7,000 a caret or $3,500. Both diamonds will appear identical to the naked eyes.