Real Or Silk Flowers – What Is Your Preference?

wedding flowers

The preference to use silk and real flowers is a debate that many brides have to face. While real flowers are traditional, some brides don’t want the hassle of dealing with a florist. Other times, couples want a certain type of flower that simply isn’t in season during the time they are going to be married. Furthermore, some real flowers may not last an entire day and end up being droopy and brown before the reception has even begun.

When you are deciding whether or not to use real or fake flowers, consider these few things before making your choice:

1) What are they going to be used for? Consider making your bouquet…are you going to make them by hand, or have one created by a florist? If you prefer to make your own, then perhaps silk flowers are the way to go. This way, you have plenty of time ahead to create your bouquet with worrying about refrigeration. If you make your own bouquet with real flowers, you will be dealing with a big mess and a possibly wilted bouquet when your big day comes around.

2) What kind of flowers are you using? Plants with a high pollen count may aggravate your guests or your wedding party that have allergies. Furthermore, some people are so sensitive that handling any live plant could trigger allergic reactions. Research the kind of flowers you are going to use so that you don’t have to worry about an ambulance stealing the show during your big day.

3) Where will the flowers go? If you are planning on having delicate flowers in high traffic areas, such as bathrooms or where there may be excessive heat then perhaps silk flowers is the way to go. They are far sturdier than real flowers and will stand up to little children roughhousing, rain and sudden gusts of wind.

4) Who will be seeing them? If they are going to be placed far away from guests, then you may not want to invest in real flowers. From a distance, they look the same and no one will be the wiser.

5) When can you pick them up? If you are going to be crunched for time on your wedding day and don’t have time to run to a florist, then silk flowers may be your best bet. With silk flowers, you can have them stored in your home for months in advance and since they don’t need water, are easier to maintain and less messy when moving them around for your ceremony or reception.

Sometimes brides and grooms find that silk flowers are simply more convenient than real flowers, and cost relatively the same amount of money. Mixing real and fake flowers is a wedding faux pas no more, and is not a breach of etiquette. If having flowers in abundance on your wedding day is important to you and your partner, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using silk vs. real flowers.