Top Tips For Wedding Stationery

The cost of wedding stationery soon adds up and its not surprising when you consider all that it can consist of. Save the date cards, invitations, RSVP’s, order of service sheets, seating plans, menus, place cards and thank you letter’s could all potentially take another big chunk out of your wedding budget.

wedding stationery

Let your guests provide their own RSVP cards or reply by email or phone

Firstly consider what wedding stationery you are going to use. Do you really need save the date cards or would a simple email suffice? Instead of providing RSVP cards, you could just give guests your home address, email and ‘phone numbers. That way, they can reply in whichever way they prefer. Table place cards could double up as name labels on favours etc.

The wedding invitation however is the first thing the guests will see and really sets the mood for what is in store at the wedding. You don’t need one invitation for each person you are going to invite – one per household will suffice. If you are having a small intimate wedding and only need a few invitations you may decide to have them professionally printed.

If so, avoiding expensive printing techniques will mean the invitations are cheaper and also remember that colour will usually cost more than black and white. Consider the size of the invitations too as large or bulky invitations will cost more to post.

Use quality card and a good printer to make your own unique wedding invitations

Check out online printing facilities and websites such as Photobox and Snapfish. There are also lots of sites which can give advice on wording for your wedding invitations. Try for lots of good examples.

However, if you need a lot of wedding invitations it may prove more cost-effective to produce them yourself. Use quality card and a good printer for the best results. If you need to trim card or paper use a guillotine for the crisp lines. Perhaps you or someone else has access to one at work. Embellishments from craft shops can be added or maybe you’d like to try your hand at calligraphy for that personal touch. Remember to buy enough supplies so that you can try out one or two practise invitations and also cover any errors.

If you do decide to have professionally printed wedding stationery then make a list of all the different types of stationery you require – the more you are ordering the easier it is to negotiate a good deal with the supplier. Remember also to order enough to cover any extras or spares you may need. It will work out much cheaper to do this rather than have to go back to your supplier to ask for just one or two more extras later.

Envelopes don’t need to be anything fancy, good quality plain white envelopes are readily available and perfectly adequate. wedding stationery Lastly, hand delivering wedding invitations, or using second-class stamps will help to reduce postage costs.

You will need to give your guests plenty of notice to make suitable arrangements – for a UK wedding try to send out invitations at least six to eight weeks before the big day and for overseas, a minimum of ten weeks is appropriate.